About Dr. Michael Loloyan D.C.

The need for a unique experience


Dr. Michael Loloyan D.C. graduated from the University of Quebec in Trois-Rivieres in 2017.  Within a year of practice he has become a household name in Stittsville and Kanata for tackling on complex cases and providing results when others could not.  This is due to his unique approach of investigating all possible causes of a condition instead of simply focusing on the spine.  He also understands that every individual possesses a unique profile  that has to be respected to ensure the best results.

The importance of a cleanup


Why simply have your neck adjusted for neck pain?  Dr. Michael Loloyan D.C. will take additional time on the initial visits by working on virtually all the muscles in that area and the mid-back! What this means for you is better and faster results!  

The importance of giving back


Dr. Michael Loloyan D.C. has always valued the community in which he practices.  As a student, he provided care to individuals who were not able to permit themselves to it.  In 2018, alongside with Warmstome Family Dentistry, he provided pro-bono care to the Stittsville community.  Finally, when possible, he does business with other local industries.