The Loloyan Difference

More than just an adjustment


Dr. Michael Loloyan D.C. understands the need for muscle work alongside the adjustments.  It is always included in the treatment!

Beyond the spine


Carpal tunnel? Plantar fasciitis?  Knee pain?  Tennis elbow? Did you know that Dr. Michael Loloyan D.C. excels at treating these conditions?  Why prolong the wait for relief? 

No "crack crack" mentality


Why settle for short repetitive sessions that make you question your care?  Come experience care that is in constant evolution and that molds to your needs.  

A built-in insurance policy


Clients that invest in themselves by undergoing maintenance care, which is defined at 1 treatment per 4-5 weeks, possess a built-in insurance policy for situations beyond their control.  When this happens, Dr. Michael Loloyan D.C. will take the time to work out a financial plan that will include a discount for the cost of treatment.  The discount is dependent on the number of treatments necessary for recovery. The doctor understands the importance of being there for you during your time of need.

No frivolous costs


Why should you tolerate additional costs for the desire of improving your health?  Why should you be punished for following through with care with a re-evaluation fee?  Why should you pay an additional exam fee for preventative care or for a new injury that is beyond your control? Dr. Michael Loloyan D.C. only charges a one time exam fee and does not charge for re-evaluations!

No contracts


Come experience non-binding Chiropractic care.  Dr. Michael Loloyan D.C. understands that trust is gained, not preemptively extorted.  Did you also know that the cost per treatment is dependent on your needs for the month and that the Chiropractor will never book two clients at the same time?  Just another reason to experience the "Loloyan difference"!